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Win $1000 by Getting People to Talk about Sex after 50!

PeggyBrick_2011croppedConsortium founder Peggy Brick. MEd, CSE wants people to talk about sex after 50, and she’s offering $1,000 for the best plan to get the conversation started.
“This is a campaign to get people talking about how to overcome the myths, the stereotypes, the old expectations about sex in mid and later life. For 15 years, I’ve encouraged hundreds of adults to talk about sex and aging, and I know the difference it can make,” says Brick, a professional sexuality educator.
Brick welcomes ideas ranging from classes and discussion groups for consumers to professional development programs, keynote speeches, and more.  The $1,000 prize will be awarded by Brick for the project that most effectively gets people talking about sex after age 50, either with their peers, friends, or in a professional setting.
Here’s how to participate in the contest:

  1. Think about how you can promote talk about sex after 50.
  2. Submit a proposal y October, 31, 2014 to Peggy Brick, peggybrick @ verizon.net .  Your proposal should explain exactly what you plan to do and how you will do it, including resources, participants, objectives, process.  Brick will send you immediate confirmation of receipt of your proposal, plus feedback.
  3. Following each session of your project, send a brief report to Brick, which includes your session plan, the number of participants, and your honest reflections about the session.  Says Brick, “I welcome both positive and negative results – that’s how we learn what works!”
  4. Send your final report no later than August 31, 2015.

The $1,000 prize will be awarded at the 2015 Sexuality, Intimacy and Aging Conference, and the winner also receives a publication opportunity. Brick is the sole judge and sponsor of this prize.

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