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Why worry about STI’s when you’re over 60

Age is not an exemption from dealing with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).  Older adults are part of a generation where safer sex may have meant avoiding pregnancy. Many older adults think, “Why me?  I don’t need to practice safer sex, I’m not going to get pregnant and I survived the HIV/AIDS crisis.”

At the Sexuality and Aging Consortium, we are addressing the needs of older adults and STIs.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, STI rates among men over 40 are up over 50%.  Educating older adults about STI awareness and knowledge can create a more healthful and fulfilling life.  If you’re interested in how different types of STIs are affecting older adults and what we can do about it, join us at this year’s Sexuality and Aging Consortium’s Training Institute and hear Julia Ranjbar.  She’s amazing!

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Please make sure to register today for the Sexuality and Aging Training Institute on August 4 in Washington, DC.  Part of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.  Great conversations.  CE’s available.  Networking.  Accessible speakers.  Close to the Metro.  Just click here.

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And remember, STIs have no expiration date.



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