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The Golden Brick Award, Honoring Susie Wilson

by Peggy Brick, MEd, CSE, Consortium President

Editor’s Note:  Following is a transcript of the remarks given by Peggy Brick on December 9, 2011 at the CFLE National Sex Ed Conference, in honor of Susie Wilson, recipient of the 2011 Golden Brick Award. This transcript was originally posted on http://www.sexuallysmarter.blogspot.com/ Susie Wilson is a founding member of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University.

Susie Wilson, MSEd

Susie Wilson! Visionary! Reformer! Advocate! Catalyst! Sexuality Educator par excellence! What a joy it is for me to celebrate you with the Golden Brick Award, one of many awards recognizing your unique contribution to the sexual health and happiness of adolescents in this confusing society. What a legacy you have created and continue to create!
For thirty-three years you have led us, inspired us, and pushed us to act in behalf of the sexual rights of young people. From that fateful day at a New Jersey Board of Education meeting when you were the only Board Member to ask questions following a research report on pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among New Jersey teens until today when you continue to ask probing questions and promote sexual sanity on your New Jersey Newsroom Blog, you have never stopped. Tireless, determined, unflappable, you have persistently articulated your outrage at the forces that would demean adolescents and deprive them of the education they need. Writing, speaking, organizing, fund-raising, coalition-building, you led the way for thousands of us educators in schools and agencies throughout the state and the nation. You are the model of the multiple roles a leader must play in this seemingly endless battle in behalf of young people of this nation.  Please read the rest of the transcript here:  The 2011 Golden Brick Award, Honoring Susie Wilson

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