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The Age of Love

Committee member Ashley Mader had a chance to interview Steven Loring for her blog, SHINE. Loring is the producer of the documentary, The Age of Love.

“As of 2013 17 million adults ages 65 and older were unmarried. We, humans, are social creatures. We desire connection, intimacy and social connection. Everyone may have a different level of need for intimacy or they may have their own definition of it, but in general humans need connection.  This desire isn’t something that fades away as one grows older. Regardless, of age, people desire love and connection.”


The Age of Love explores the lives of older adults as they set forth finding a companion by speed dating. It captures the raw emotions that these individuals experience while going through both the exciting and anxiety provoking process of dating. The Age of Love will have you both laughing and crying. More importantly, it opens a dialogue about older adult love and companionship the media never explores.

Article link: http://www.ourshine.org/sexuality-5.html


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