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Sex and Aging Comes to New Jersey Television

Consortium co-president Melanie Davis appeared in two episodes of News & Views, a cable TV34 program for older adults living in and around Montclair, NJ.  The episodes aired in January 2013 and were live streamed on the internet.

Davis was interviewed by show host Shirley Sandusky about sexual wellness issues ranging from body image to dating, sexual function and pleasure, and talking to sexual partners about sexually transmitted infections.

Many Consortium members are available to the media for on-camera and print interviews. We also provide expert background information to reporters and others. To learn more about our members’ areas of expertise, please email us or call us at 610-499-1378.

To watch the show, click here and view the episodes titled Sexual Wellness, Part 1 & Part 2.  For more information about Davis’ work, please email her directly or visit her website.

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