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Quebec and US Share Senior STI Concerns

An episode of Une Pilule Une Petite Granule on telequebec.TV recently focused on older adults and sexually transmitted infections and featured content on SaferSex4Seniors.org , a US site created by a team including several Consortium members. Co-president Melanie Davis contributed background information to the show’s host.
Thanks to translation by Consortium Board member Joan Garrity, we know this about the episode:
The piece begins by showing a 30-second video on the SaferSex4Seniors.org site, followed by host Bernadette Thibaudeau and Dr. Percy Turcotte speaking about the directness and the provocativeness of the video, which Turcotte endorsed.  The hosts laughed a little about the flexibility of the people in the video — their agility in the sexual positions they portrayed.
Turcotte described the poses and explained that with increasing numbers of older adults, the rates are increasing for STI infection for individuals over 70.  At one point, Thibaudeau talked about the rates 0f STIs in in people 70+ in the US, and asked Turcotte if the same figures hold true for Quebec. He acknowledged that to be true.
Thibaudeau asked how sexual behavior changes for people as they get older, and Turcotte discussed changes that occur and explained that sexuality continues to be a part of the lives of older people.
The hosts then talked about sexuality being a taboo topic.  At the end, the Thibaudeau invited viewers to see the video and suggested they could watch it as a family. Turcotte indicated he liked the idea.
Watch the episode here.



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