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Free Film Night 9/23 “Cloud 9”

Join us for Sex & Aging Movie Night — it’s FREE!   We’re showing “Cloud 9” at 7 p.m. Friday after the Consortium’s Professional Skills conference 9/23 at Widener University.  After dinner on your own, please return to campus for the film, whether you’re staying over for Saturday’s SilverSAR(TM) or just want to relax before heading home from the conference.

Cloud 9 is the groundbreaking, lyrical and moving story of Inge (Ursula Werner), at 67-year old married woman who rediscovers passion and her sexuality when she unexpectedly fall in love with 76 year-old Karl (Horst Westphal). Ms. Werner won the German Film Award for Best Actress (Germany’s equivalent of the Academy Award) for her extraordinarily raw and sensitive performance.

“An emotional high wire act of love and passion!” Paul Brenner, FILMCRITIC.COM
“Immediately compelling and artistically intriguing.” Jeanette Catsoulis, THE NEW YORK TIMES.
“Pure unfiltered pleasure, both lusty and loving.” Stephen Garrett, TIME OUT NEW YORK.
“Daring, Uncompromising, Compelling.” Kevin Thomas, LATIMES.

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