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Recognition for Your Support

You can play an important role in supporting the mission of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium. We ask you to explore every avenue within your individual investment portfolio or corporate giving program so you can contribute generously for the benefit of aging adults, their health care providers, the sexology community, and the human services community at large. We welcome one-time donations or pledges spanning several years.

Our Recognition Program affords you a chance to make a difference in the lives of older adults and the professionals who serve them. The program also offers organizations opportunities for publicity, community relations, and increased brand recognition through avenues including, but not limited to, sponsorship of Consortium conferences and events, recognition on our website and materials, and donor publicity. We look forward to discussing with you the most appropriate way to honor your support.

Tax-deductible donations and gifts may be made by credit card or check.  Be sure to direct your donation to the Sexuality and Aging Consortium option on the Widener online gifts page.  Click here to donate by credit card.

Please make checks payable to Widener University with the memo line designating the donation to S.A.C.W.U.  This ensures that your donation will be deposited for the Consortium’s use.  Please mail checks to

Betsy Crane, PhD, Director Graduate Program in Human Sexuality Widener University 501 E. 13th Street Chester, PA 19013


Your donation shows appreciation for the mission and work of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University. When combined with others’ gifts, yours will become an important part of the Consortium’s voice for the aging and their professional providers.

Donation Information

Donation TitleDonation Amount
Chairman’s Forum$25,000
Dome Society$10,000
Trustee’s Society$5,000
John Bullock Society$2,500
Cornerstone Society$1,500
Dean’s Society$1,000
Scholar’s Society$500
Vanguard Club$250

Your investment in the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University is both important and appreciated.  With your help, we can lead the field of aging and sexuality education and positively affect aging populations and the professionals who serve them.

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