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Consortium Members Win AASECT Book Award

Consortium Members Win AASECT Book Award

In June, Consortium members Bill Taverner and Susan Milstein, along with retired Planned Parenthood educator Sue Montfort, received the Book Award for Teaching Safer Sex, 3rd Ed, Volumes 1 & 2. The award was given by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists at the organization’s annual conference in Miami, Florida.

Consortium founder Peggy Brick, MEd, was the original lead author of Teaching Safer Sex, which was first published in 1988. A second edition with 20 lessons was published in 1998, and the newest edition was expanded to two volumes with 50 lessons for high school students and adults of all ages.

The resource has been widely praised by experts in the field. Consortium member Eva S. Goldfarb, PhD, noted the significance of its expanded audience, saying, “This is the first comprehensive manual to approach the topic of safer sex from a positive, healthy perspective that is inclusive of different ages, cultures, sexual orientations and identities.”

Consortium co-president, Melanie Davis, PhD, commented on the versatility of the work, saying, “Teaching Safer Sex offers a wealth of creative lessons that can be implemented at little or no cost, with minimum prep time. It’s a gold mine for busy educators who are committed to high-quality instruction.”

Read the Thank you for teaching Safer Sex here.

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