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Consortium Governance

Consortium_logo_transparentThe Consortium was formally founded in 2007 by Peggy Brick, MEd, CSE (past president) and a small number of professionals with an interest in sexuality and aging. Today, our Board of Trustees is comprised of professionals from across the US, and we have an international Advisory Board of experts in sexuality, sexual rights, psychotherapy, aging, gerontology, research, and health. Our annual conference attracts participants from the US and Canada, and our use of social media enables us to interact with fellow advocates around the world.


Board of Trustees

Melanie Davis, PhD, CSE (Co-president)
Robin Goldberg-Glen, PhD, MSW (Co-president)
Jean Levitan, PhD (Treasurer)
Connie Bowes, PhD**
Joan Garrity**
Harry Getzov, JD**
Jane Fleishman, MEd (Social Media Chair)*
Karen Hicks, PhD (Past Co-President)**
Anita Hoffer, PhD, EdD
Cassandra Rustvold (Student Member)*
Jay Wexler, DO, FACOG*

* Joined Board of Trustees in 2014
** Retiring from Board of Trustees December 2014

Ex Officio: Don Dyson, PhD, MSS, Director and Associate Dean, Center for Human Sexuality Studies, Widener University

Advisory Board

Lonnie Barbach, PhD
Carol M. Cassel, PhD
Carol A. Cobb-Nettleton, DSW
Eli Coleman, PhD, LP
Robin Dessel, LMSW
Gayle Doll, PhD
Beryl Goldman, PhD
Peggy Kleinplatz, PhD (Canada)
Patricia Barthalow Koch, PhD
Osmo Kontula, PhD (Finland)
Ricci J. Levy
Peter Lichtenberg, PhD
William R. Stayton, MDiv, ThD, PhD
Pepper Schwartz, PhD
Leonore Tiefer, PhD
Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, FAAN

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