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Assessing Our Sexuality Attitude Reassessment

The Silver SARTM One Year Out

Consortium members Joan Garrity, Wayne Pawlowski and Anita Hoffer unveiled the SilverSARTM training at our 2012 fall conference . SAR is the acronym for Sexuality Attitude Reassessment. The Silver SAR uses an interactive, multimedia approach to shine a light on participants’ attitudes, values and beliefs about sexuality and aging.

According to the developers, the SAR creates an environment where attendees not only explore their feelings about seeing older adults expressing themselves sexually  but also get a better sense of how they feel about their own sexuality as they age.

To ensure that their original vision for the program is maintained, Garrity, Pawlowski and Hoffer trademarked the name “SilverSAR” and formed a partnership to support its promotion and further development and to protect the program from unauthorized imitation.

The Consortium retains no ownership over the SilverSAR but does endorse the quality of the training program and its learning objectives.

Since launching the SilverSAR, the biggest challenge the developers have encountered has been to find appropriate video footage and images of older people engaged in sexual activities, especially older people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Earlier this year, the developers  presented the SilverSAR at the annual conference of the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists in Austin. They also presented it at the Consortium’s 2nd annual conference this year.

The SilverSAR has proved to be an exciting, consciousness-raising educational tool that  that increases  participants’ awareness of ageism and sexuality. Also educators and therapists found it to be a dynamic forum in which to explore questions of internalized societal bias and how to increase acceptance of the aging process.


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