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2012 Conference Provides Learning, Networking & Engagement!

The Second Annual Sexuality, Intimacy and Aging Conference was a great success, with people from across the country and other countries in attendance.  The theme, “A Holistic Approach to Sexuality and Aging,” carried through a range of workshops and a highly engaging keynote by Dennis Dailey, PhD.

Dennis, the developer of the Circles Model of Sexuality, used the model to explain how our ideas about “what sex is” are formed in early childhood and carry through life. If we are taught that “sex” equates to heterosexual penile-vaginal intercourse, we have fewer sexual options for pleasure, especially as we age.

Joan Garrity (left) facilitatate a panel discussion titled, “HIV with Joy and Wrinkles”, which shed light on the challenges and possibilities of life with HIV/AIDS.

Terri Clark helped participants answer the question, “What’s Your Bi-Q?”  Participants learned about aging and bisexuality and completed a Klein Grid to determine the scope of their own sexual, social, emotional attractions.

We greatly appreciate all of our workshop facilitators and sponsors, and all of our attendees, for making such a wonderful event possible.  Special thanks to Conference Chair Ashley Mader, to conference manager Jes Metzner, to Tiffini Lanza, and to a great team of volunteers!




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