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Struggling to Find Affordable, LGBTQ-Welcoming Housing

Affordable housing — or the dearth thereof — is an important issue for aging lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults.  In his article, LGBT People: Our Longing for Home, Our Right to Housing, Robert Espinosa writes,

“The relationship between aging and housing discrimination forms the subject of a new report from the Equal Rights Center, in partnership with SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders). Based on an investigation conducted in 10 states, the report finds that 48 percent of older adult testers in same-sex relationships experienced at least one form of differential treatment when seeking housing. Same-sex couples were provided fewer rental options, higher fees, more extensive application requirements and less information regarding financial incentives than opposite-sex couples—barriers likely faced, though insufficiently studied, among the larger, more diverse spectrum of LGBT people.”

Last year’s Sexuality, Intimacy and Aging Conference keynoter, Mark Segal, spoke about this issue and the development of Philadelphia apartments specifically targeted to LGBT residents. Read the entire story here: LGBT People: Our Longing for Home, Our Right to Housing

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